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Home advantage has been demonstrated in many sports, and is attributed to the effect of supporters, field awareness, travel time, the referee and “territoriality”. Also in the Dutch (amateur) squash and badminton competition there is a clear advantage at home. Especially for amateurs, the effect of playing on a well-known pitch could be more important than for professionals.

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March 24 was the day that a sports icon left us. Johan Cruyff who didn’t know him. His name regularly fell in the old Frans Otten Stadium for the following reason; Around 1990 I worked as a trainer of the ASRC and it sounded regularly that Roel Tolner was the Johan Cruyff of squash.

Actually it’s not up to me to explain that assessment but a few points do. No papers, but a vision that was conveyed and the way in which. Also the language of the simpler explanation did their job.

During the reunion of the 40th anniversary of the ASRC I was positively confronted with many who trained with me. And my explanation is partly based on their comments. That day that Cruyff died I was like so many people shocked. He meant a lot to many, partly because of his ideas, his foundations etc. Nowadays young people study through him and they can work on their future.

He was also from 1947 just like me and has reached the age of 68 and unfortunately had to say goodbye. At the beginning of September I turned 69 and I am lucky that I made it. I still have the feeling that I haven’t finished my life as a squash trainer. Until I can’t go any further, of course. But for the time being the feeling prevails that my work is not over yet. As long as so many people seem to feel that I can and may do something for them, that makes me a privileged person.

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Thank you for that!

SBN issues!?

It seems to me that in the umbrella squash association there is a succession of different things going on. People are disappearing, others are taking their place, which are mostly younger people! Sometimes no substitutes, like with the trainers, but loose appointments. A few years ago the rumbling started and it is still rumbling. Why? Still the mess hasn’t been cleaned up, is that because of half measures? Too spontaneous cleaning actions? Every time a new team comes with new brooms and élan who hope to get it done.

Nice pursuit, but apparently too many holes and cracks have not been closed, so that the fresh wind cannot work. My opinion doesn’t count in this, but it does count in this observation.

He was our hero in frightened days; our squash ambassador, has thrown the towel. Unfortunately for him personally no longer to pay and that only fits understanding and respect. You are doing well LJ! Thank you for our special “friendship”.

DJO 2016

I was very surprised that the tournament was not held as usual in the FOS in Amsterdam, but in Rotterdam. Probably due to the SBN problems. The SBN is also from the FOS, which has served as a training center for years.

There were some statements from organizers and bond related persons. 75 years of existence of Victoria and is in itself of course justifiable. In the corridors also sometimes sounds and there was some criticism on different things.

Among other things, the hassle with the buses or vans. Then we played at Victoria and the other at Ommoord. Why not in one center like in Amsterdam. Airport close by with all matches under one roof. The organization deserves a compliment and also the two centers. Why don’t you just stand by it? It’s still a big job anywhere!

The competition is also going to run again for the various fans of the beautiful squash game. Have fun and maybe we’ll see you somewhere on the courts. Luckily I see the squash goggles much more often in the game players.