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The Best Selfie Sticks in 2023

In the era of social media, everyone loves to click pictures and share them on their feeds. With the ever-growing popularity of selfies, selfie sticks have become an essential gadget for almost everyone. Whether you’re a traveler, influencer, or just someone who loves taking selfies, a selfie stick can help you capture the perfect shot. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this blog post, we’ve listed some of the best selfie sticks in 2023.

1. Mpow Selfie Stick Tripod:

If you’re looking for a versatile selfie stick that can also function as a tripod, the Mpow selfie stick tripod is a perfect choice. This selfie stick comes with a built-in Bluetooth remote and is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can also detach the remote control and use it from a distance. The tripod is sturdy and can hold most smartphones securely.

2. Fugetek Selfie Stick Tripod:

The Fugetek Selfie Stick Tripod is another great option for those who want both a selfie stick and a tripod. The tripod is made of aluminum alloy and is both lightweight and durable. The selfie stick is also extendable up to 51 inches, making it perfect for group selfies. The Bluetooth remote control is rechargeable and can be used up to 300 hours on a single charge.

3. Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick:

The Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality. This selfie stick is lightweight and compact, making it easily portable. The stick can be extended up to 32 inches and comes with a premium matte finish. The Bluetooth remote control can be used from a distance of up to 33 feet, giving you plenty of flexibility.

4. Mestroni Selfie Stick:


If you’re looking for something unique and stylish, the Mestroni Selfie Stick is the perfect fit for you. This selfie stick has a telescoping design, which enables it to double up as a tripod. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel, and it comes in two color variants- black and white. The Bluetooth remote control can be used up to 30 feet away, making it easy to capture shots from a distance.

5. Apple AirPods Selfie Stick:

Apple recently announced a new line of products, including the Apple AirPods Selfie Stick. This selfie stick is specially designed for Apple devices and connects seamlessly with your iPhone or iPad. It also comes with an AirPods holder, making it easy to keep your AirPods with you while taking selfies. The selfie stick is extendable up to 40 inches, making it perfect for group selfies.