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Window mannequins in your desired style

BONAMI is a progressive company that creates tailor made window mannequins. Their collection contains male and female mannequins and mannequins of children as well. The options you have with this company are endless. Only your imagination can create boundaries in the choices. BONAMI, situated in Aalter, in Belgium, has a lot of knowledge about this specific area of expertise and is an absolute professional in making the window mannequins that fulfils al your desires. They know very well that you only get one chance to convince your customer to enter your store and they are willing to do everything about your mannequins to make this step easier for your clients.

The diversity in styles of mannequins

Let this company guide you through the many possibilities. Perhaps you would like to represent body positivity by displaying your collection on full body female mannequins. In this digital timeframe, more and more women love to see window mannequins with who they have resemblances. Model sizes no longer rule the world of retail and that is a good thing. But besides the size of your window mannequins, their style represents who you are and what your vision is. Therefore, this has to be in line with the look and feel of your store. BONAMI has realistic, abstract, tailor based, minimalistic, fashionable, futuristic, natural, dancing, and so many other mannequins that without hesitation will give the view you wish for in your window shop. Even busts are an option that will make the right statement in your store, as do full body female mannequins.

Embrace the female body

Go for the elegance of the female body, represented in the window mannequins that go in line with your vison. Display your collection on full body female mannequins of choose to present everything on unanimous mannequins that let the attention be drawn to the clothes rather than the mannequin.