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They have the vintage clothing you want to buy in bulk

At Brasco you can easily buy vintage clothing in bulk. Especially for retailers this vintage wholesale is perfect in contrast with other clothing suppliers. They offer multiple options for ordering, shipment and storing items in their warehouse. Their storage is placed in Almere, The Netherlands.

A wide assortment of vintage clothing in a bulk

The assortment of Brasco contains over three hundred different clothing items and another three hundred items on footwear and accessories. Every single day they receive more vintage clothing they divide in bulks. Each item that goes into a bulk is checked on stains and holes, so you will receive the best quality as possible. Once you place an order at this vintage wholesale for clothing suppliers, you will have the change to choose what kind of shipment you prefer. Brasco B.V. has three ways they make shipment possible, such as shipment by truck, boat, or airplane. The delivery time is depending on which type of shipment you prefer. Besides buying vintage clothing in bulk, this vintage wholesale company, gives smaller clothing suppliers the opportunity to store any stock they would like to store. The wholesale company owns a 4.000 square meter storage in Almere, The Netherlands, where you can rent a part. This gives you a change to buy that extra amount of clothing, without having trouble to store it. Do not let a good opportunity go to waste!

Contact them for more information about storage

Are you looking to buy vintage clothing in bulk of do you need a place to store it? Then Brasco is the company you should contact. With a large assortment and storage, this vintage wholesale company for clothing suppliers is willing to help. Check their website https://brasco.nl/suppliers-vintage-clothing.html for more information about their assortment, shipment, or storage. They are happy to help you.