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The Amos Beech Experience from within

Having now worked at Amos Beech for one year and six months, it has been the most enjoyable learning experience which is continuing still! Joining Amos Beech in July 2015 was a positive whirlwind of a learning curve, inspiring and although slightly intense, highly fascinating! Each day in this one year and six months has never been the same! My role as operations administrator can cover almost everything, I’ve learnt! It can consist of driving a cranky Luton van, to buying tea bags or delivering a luxurious chair to a customer! – Alongside all the usual tasks of each day.  That’s what is so invigorating about each day is it’s never the same as yesterday!

‘The Amos Beech Experience from within’

Through working at Amos Beech for a time now, I can say it is a company with a strong culture for positive change. There is constantly new ideas streaming through from every crevice of the company which of course is aided by the much cherished Jenga game we all take part in on Monday mornings.

That’s why of course, as obvious as it may sound, people make the business; they make the changes, enhance the motivation and create the innovative ideas. Although systems, technology and processes are vital to a business, the people of a business are paramount and that’s what I want to focus on. Here at Amos Beech this is working with a strong closely knit team.

It’s also been a remarkable experience getting to know my team whilst starting out in the commercial world! There is such a range of different characters, of all ages, all of different backgrounds but all working together, from sales, design, operations and accounts in order to create a first class experience for each of our clients. It’s only the people of the business that can create a lasting impression

It is also the people within the four walls of Amos Beech that make it a motivating, enjoyable and amusing place to work!

I usually meet our cheery Dutchman in the kitchen every morning when I arrive who is often bewildered that he is the first one to start up the coffee machine in the morning, the other 6 colleagues that arrived earlier somehow still not had an intake of caffeine! At my desk I sit next to Roy with usually a wacky shirt, someone that is always alert, sometimes serious but often amusingly random! I sit opposite the sales director, who has delightfully renamed me ‘Ack’. Grant has never yet been seen to be downcast! We always like to hear the hearty humming of Jules. Then Gavin in his Rab jacket and fruit bag, filling the office with his musical talent, happily shares the song that’s in his head each day. Robert and his enthused ‘Let’s do this day!’ Sarah is never found without a smile. Mr Fielder and Mr James are our steady elders in the business.  Then our design ladies, Fiona and Deborah, are always bright, cheerful and friendly.  Garry who is new to the business always gives a flamboyant goodnight to us all on his leaving at the end of every day. And of course we never miss our youngest team member’s less than subtle arrival every morning on his motorbike. We are also joined by our hard-working Incognito team members who add to the optimistic and typically relaxed atmosphere within the company (as long as Andrew has mayonnaise to decorate his lunch with).

I say it’s a working team! My time at Amos Beech so far I have learnt how imperative a team is, how important people as a whole are to a business and I will disclose the most intriguing thing I’ve realised is how everyone has a special unique style of walking up our spiral staircase…! However absurd a comment that may be, it illustrates just how each individual person is different, in other words every team member contributes with their own unique talent.

The journey of Amos Beech continues to grow and develop each working day, providing humour, motivation and positive change within our company but undoubtedly this positive spirit has an impact on everyone we have to do with outside the company. Constantly re-thinking, re-structuring and re-designing our ways of working within our company reflects our objectives we have for each of our clients. This is achieved by the creativity and inspiration of each individual, each department and the team as a whole.