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Did you know that non-destructive material characterization can be implemented in a RFDA (short for resonance frequency and damping analyser)? The professionals of IMCE, based in Belgium, know everything about the applications of non-destructive material characterization. By using a simple tapping technique including a small object, the followed vibrations can be recorded with a professional microphone or high-end laser vibrometer. With non-destructive material characterization, a single sample is enough to test during a temperature cycle, aging, fatigue or radiation. This technique saves a lot of time, processing methods and valuable resources. Are you interested in RFDA for your own company or would you like to use the measuring services of IMCE? They are happy to help every client in the industrial business.    

What about the variety of material types?

When it comes to non-destructive material characterization, the wide variety of material types is substantial. You can use this method for refractory materials, ceramics (sintered silicon nitride), cast iron or steel. The professionals of IMCE would like to help you with measurement systems which enable high temperature analyses. They will tell you everything you need to know about non-destructive material characterization. This cost-and material efficient method is perfectly suitable for measuring Young’s Modulus and other specific thermo-mechanical applications. Are you looking for more information about optimizing your processes? Or how to integrate non-destructive material characterization? Read more below and discover how to contact them. 

Feel free to contact them

Don’t hesitate to ask for more details about non-destructive material characterization. Their employees have an answer to question about this method. Simply send them an e-mail, phone them when you have the chance or leave the details of your industrial company behind via the online contact form. They will get back to you as soon as possible with a measured solution when it comes to non-destructive material characterization.