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Providing support for tree planting companies

In an environment that desperately needs saving, innovative solutions should certainly be supported. Tree planting companies can therefore operate in urban environments, to make sure that cities of any size can be provided with clean, fresh air from the trees. The challenge with planting trees in urban environments is often the lack of space and fertile ground. Treebuilders is a company that supports the tree planting companies that are confronting these challenges. With for example a certain bioretention system, they create opportunities for trees to grow in a space that is clear from potentially fatal elements. Their products will let trees thrive and mature in the unpredictable climate of a city.

Solving pressing problems

What solutions can Treebuilders provide for Tree planting companies? A first solution that can be provided is called a sandwichconstruction. This system spreads the pressure that stems from vehicle movements in a city. By spreading the pressure on the soil in which the roots of trees grow, it will provide more space for the tree to thrive underground. This type of bioretention system is placed between the pavement and the soil, as to prevent soil compaction. This also means that there is an air layer between the pavement and the soil, making it more difficult for the roots to damage the pavement.

Ready to help with any tree growing issues

This is merely one of the many solutions that Treebuilders can provide tree planting companies. Which solution or bioretention system is most ideal for your situation, depends on some key factors. That is why it is always useful to contact the experienced employees of Treebuilders and ask for advice. Explain your situation and they will point out some techniques or products that could definitely help solve your problems. Use the innovative ideas that they have developed to progress towards a brighter and greener future.