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One of the tree planting companies you should keep your eye on

When orientating for durable ways to turn urban environments into green sights, you quickly find the several tree planting companies which can assist you. These companies are specialized in giving a touch of nature to a concrete environment. An environment which is packed with sidewalks, tiles and other concrete elements. Companies like these can give you the perfect advice about all of the ways to improve an environment. After receiving a personalized advice, a tree planting company helps you with the execution of the plans. One of the companies with lots of experience is Treebuilders.

The best solution for an urban environment

An urban environment does not necessarily mean that the environment does not contain any green elements. On the contrary: Treebuilders will make sure that any urban environment is packed with trees, plants and other elements of nature. This company uses different techniques to obtain this goal. One of these methods is the bioretention system. You can imagine that, in a street filled with concrete, rainwater has no place to go. With a bioretention system, you create a gateway for this water. The system contains modular units, that use soil to support large tree growth and provide powerful on-site stormwater management.

Happy trees, happy lives

Treebuilders knows the importance of trees within urban environments. They create sustainable landscapes that are essential for cities to remain livable. Mature and functional trees are the most nature-based urban solutions to limit the impacts of climate change in public spaces. Trees are an important part of all our systems, because they:

  • Decrease temperature
  • Retain stormwater
  • Filter the air
  • Absorb CO2

With the assistance of this company, you are sure you receive the best advice you can get. Whether you would like to use a bioretention system of one of the other solutions; Treebuilders is one of the most advanced tree planting companies.