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Gather all your pipe pieces, such as a 5d bend

Do you need a bend with a larger radius for your project? Then a 1D or 2D bend will not be enough. Fortunately, there are also bends that have a three, four or five times larger diameter. However, these are almost never in stock at most companies because they are produced on demand. PipingMarket.eu, however, always has the 5D bend in stock and delivers to your project facility as quickly as possible! Are you not sure if the 5D bend is the right one for your pipes? Then the specialists at PipingMarket.eu are always ready to provide you with information. So be sure to ask them questions if you are not sure or if you need more information before buying products from them.

Steer the pig by using the barred tee

In addition to the 5D bend, the barred tee is another product or attachment for your piping project that you might not readily think of and which is certainly not available everywhere. This barred tee helps direct the pig when pigging. When you go to clean your piping system, a pig is inserted into your piping system. It needs to be steered and you can’t do that with a normal tee piece. With a barred tee piece, you can steer it and that is what makes this part different from a normal tee piece. A barred tee is mainly used when you have corrosive substances running through your pipes, which means they need to be cleaned more quickly. You can also buy this part at PipingMarket.eu. They literally have every part for your piping system!

Choose materials for a favourable and fair price

With the right specialist, you will get specific advice on the products and which one is best to buy for your system. The products will also be offered at a favourable and fair price. At PipingMarket.eu you will find a very wide range at a very good price. Be sure to contact them.