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Buy custom-made audio cables

Some music projects need more than the classic audio cables, like SpeakON cables, that you can buy. This is why it is important to put together your own cables. The professionals of LivePower, who are located close to Brussels, are specialized in all sort of audio and video products. They will gladly make custom cables for you. All you have to do is to tell them what you need and sit back. Before you know it, you have all the custom-made solutions that you need.

Why buy custom-made cables?

Did you not find the right amount of cables for your next big project? Or maybe you just want to buy a very specific type of audio cables? You can get pretty far with SpeakON cables, but when you are in need of even more amps, you will need to buy custom cables. That is exactly why LivePower from Brussels provides this service. They will make the right size from scratch. In comparison to the bulk cables, you won’t need to deal with any clutter from too long cables or improvise with short cables. The reliable systems from these specialists will be exactly what you need for your venue or project. They even provide full installation for panels or flightcases. That way you can be sure they are installed properly and will work form many years. Thanks to the unlimited options you will never miss another piece for your audio system. These experts will build anything you need for a small price.

Place your order today

Don’t waste anymore time and quickly buy your custom audio cables. You can always combine it and buy these together with the quality SpeakON cables. The choice is completely yours. If you are wondering whether or not to pick out cables from their selection or make your own, you can always ask the specialists. They will help you find everything you need.